The Best Movies With The Title “Isabella”

The film industry is perhaps one of the largest and the most diverse industries in the whole world incorporating countless imminent and seasoned talents all over the world. While some movies have a political or social connotation, others are purely for the entertainment basis seeking to gain mass popularity by including romantic, sensual or humorous themes to appeal to the emotions of many.

Movie production is expensive and the cost of producing a single film can run up to millions and in some exceptional cases, even billions. This is why most directors and producers like sticking to a formula that has been successful in the past.

While duplicating storylines or themes or even songs are quite common in the movie industry, copying name is slightly unheard of. One such movie title is “Isabella” which has been repeated time and time again in the movie industry to varying success.

Here are some of the most famous movies named “Isabella”:

Isabella (1988): This 1988 Malayalam movie stars Sumalatha, Balachandra Menon and Amit Mohan in the main roles. It is primarily a romantic drama film where a tour guide named Isabella played by Sumalatha falls head over heels for her one of her tour customers. Although with a romantic theme, the film ends in a tragedy. The title song of the movie, also named “Isabella” has received a cult following.

Isabella (2006): This 2006 Chinese-language film directed by Pang Ho-Cheung Isabella Leong, Chapman To and Anthony Wong in the leading roles. The main story centers around Shin played by To who is a corrupt cop. On the memorable day when the Portuguese handed over Macau to People’s Republic of China (PRC), Shin meets Yan, his daughter that he never knew he had.

Isabella (2015): This period drama is a short film directed and scripted by Emma Swinton that runs for 13 minutes long. The short film falls into the fantasy category of entertainment. It stars Chelsea Edge, Sean Higgs, Sean Rigby in the main roles. It is a period drama movie that is set in the early part of the 1900s. The film is about the titular character, “Isabella”, a woman from 1600 who is locked in a painting.

Isabella (2015): Directed by Duncan Cowles and Ross Hogg, this 2015 movie deals with the serious issue of mental illness. This film aspires to capture the accounts of an aging Isabella as she loses herself into Parkinson’s induced dementia. It is additionally an extremely individualistic and personal project since the subject of the movie is the relative of one of the co-directors. The thought behind the project is intriguing as it connects one clear memory, told a few times, to different pieces and realities of her condition. Movement is sparingly yet keenly used to supplement the conveyance.

Isabella (2018): Starring Con O’Neill, Ruthie Henshall, and Jonathan Case among others, the 2018 English movie documents how Micheal and Amanda try to persuade their son, Luke to let go his obsession for a girl named Isabella. The film runs for 8 minutes and had an estimated production budget of 3,000 pounds.

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