8 Of The Best Casino Movies Of All Time

Casinos are very interesting, and more often, they are associated with the rich and famous personalities. This explains why most movies feature a casino to interest many people. There is something about the glamour, charm, and the lifestyle of the gambling world that is great for cinemas. Whether revealing the genius card counting or uncovering the dark underbelly of the casino lifestyle, it is evident it excites every audience. Here are the eight best casino movies of all times:

Casino Royale
Casino Royale is an entertaining movie which is a remake of the 1967 film by the same name featuring James Bond as the lead actor. Le Chiffre is a financer to a violent terrorist group where he needs to win back his money so that he gets accepted into the terrorist community. The British Secret Service sends James Bond to play against Chiffre in a fascinating casino game to stop him from winning the game.

Croupier was released in 1998 with Jack Manfred taking the lead role as Clive Owen. Clive is a writer, but his literary work never materializes leaving him with frustrations and disappointment that makes him venture into online gambling. He secures a job as a casino croupier where he falls into a set of underhand deals that sucked him into casino lifestyle.

Rain Man
Rain man is a captivating casino movie about mental prowess that revolves around two brothers. Charlie Babbitt is a struggling businessman who finds his older brothers skills in casino games helpful. Charlie takes his brother Raymond to Vegas with the idea of using his ability to count cards at the Blackjack tables.

The Gambler
This 1974 casino movie features James Cann who develops an obsession for gambling to the extent of borrowing money from his girlfriend and family to satisfy his gambling addiction. James, who is known by his family and most of his friends as an inspiring English Professor steals money from his mother and leaves for Vegas to participate in gambling in an attempt to win back the money. The Gambler is a casino movie with a strong moral story about the effects of addiction and the extent people go to quench their thirst of addiction.

Rounders is a captivating casino movie with Matt Damon taking the lead role as Mike McDermott. Damon is a law student who discovers that he has a talented poker. He vows to quit gambling and concentrate on his studies after losing all his money to a Russian gangster Teddy. Damon realizes that no matter how much you are talented, you can’t win all the time. After quitting for some time, Matt finds himself back in gambling after his childhood friend is released from prison and needs money to pay his debts. Matt vows to help his friend find the money by gambling. Rounders is a classic movie with excellent performance and exciting scenes for poker fans.

Casino unearths the cruel and dark dealings that take place in Vegas casinos which include deceit, murders, and many other brutalities. The movie stars Robert De Niro who is a casino manager in Vegas who has connections to a specific mafia group. He decides to live a quiet life with his wife, but things take a surprising turn when his friend Nicky Santoro who is one of the mafias turns up with his ambitions that disrupts Robert’s life. This movie reveals the greed, money, power, and murders that clearly illustrate the dark realities of casino mafias.

The Hustler
The Hustler is a thrilling movie that revolves around the life of three gamblers Paul Newman, Piper Laurie, and George Clooney. This casino movie describes the misfortune life of a gambler and the hardships they undergo in their daily life. This movie paints the real picture of a gambler struggling with alcoholism, heartbreaks and other life’s difficulties.

Ocean’s Eleven
George Clooney assembles a team of talented and risk-taking men and women with the intention of carrying out a historical heist. Clooney, who stars as Danny Ocean in the movie, aspires to rob three famous casinos in Las Vegas owned by tycoon Berry Benedict. The movie gets interesting when Clooney executes the plan only to realize that it is not a simple task. They encounter resistance and several twists in their quest to pocket $150 Million from robbing the three casinos.

These top casino movies are not only entertaining to gambling lovers, but their plot and setting are fascinating to all movie lovers.

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